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Welcome to Qualpro Limited. -  Where Quality Products Are Our Business

NOTE - We are no longer running an on-line store - please email us with your enquiry or call on 09 4419290 - purchases are invoiced with payment by direct credit.

Working on the philosophy of 'investment' as opposed to 'cost' - Qualpro invites customers to purchase quality and performance products that offer safety, comfort and durability.

We are agents for quality International Standards Approved anti-vibration Gloves and remedial products from Chase Ergonomics. Designed in the USA and independently tested to meet or exceed international standards wherever possible. Invest in products that actually work, your future health depends on it.


Patented Gfom Knee Shields for true protection of the Patella - Hinged casing for comfort even when walking upright. True industrial Quality with HD snap-on clips, size onece then clip on and off.


 Remedial supports and cooling / heat packs  Prefect for sporting injuries that require ice held in one spot for a period of time. 


Ground Breaking Back Supports - Get this, these are the supports you wear to prevent injuries before they happen. A new concept for us Kiwis I know but once you've grasped it you'll be better for it.


Purelite Xstream breathing apparatus. Fresh clean filtered air for working in dusty environments. These are very popular in the Agricultural and horticultural environments as well as wood turning and other similar industries.

Grade 4 and 5 Hearing protection, nothing too special but do check out our John Deere branded muffs to match your tractor or mower, you won't find them anywhere else!


Supports and Small Braces - we have a range of small brace supports from Decade and Body Glove Safety that cover everything from the ankle to the wrist.

Decade Motorcycle Gloves incorporating Gfomtm antivibration technology. We have the full leather cruiser glove in stock that offers great protection while being light and breathable for those hot summer weekends.

Kanon Premier Tennis Ball Machine and Cricket Bowling machines 
(Made in South Africa since 1975) capable of full service simulation and versatility in the field like no other!

Great for Cricket, Tennis, Hockey etc. and great for catching practice.

























SpeedtracX Sports Radar:
We are excited to announce that we have brought the SpeedTracX Sports Radar to New Zealand as a regular stock item.

These radars are incredibly easy to use and are great for measuring your tennis serve, hockey flick, cricket bowl, softball pitch etc. etc.
Set it up as shown or mount it on a tripod, turn it on and away you go. Great for coaching!

New Product: Purelite Xstream
Do you work in a nuisance dust environment? Floor sanders, Wood-turners, Sand-blasters etc. etc. your long term health demands that you take a look at this product! Due to unprecedented demand we are currently out of stock.
 TH2P - EN12941 1999 standards approved breathing helmet. No cumbersome tubes or separate battery packs to restrict your movement as they're all built into the helmet. Fanned, filtered air enters the top of the mask and exits the bottom leaving you to breathe freely in a cool filtered air environment. Features a wide clear perspex face shield and the batteries provide eight hours of operation.

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