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Are you a small business owner but don't yet have a presence on the internet? Don't wait any longer!

We understand it's confusing, even a little bit scary when you're getting calls and emails from companies on a daily basis trying to sell you all kinds of internet marketing that you probably don't need.
Sometimes they're scammers selling business directories that don't even exist!

We understand that 'I don't want to get ripped off' anxiety and that's why you'll get nothing but honesty and complete transparency when you deal with us.

We'll consult with you to produce a good start up site to your specifications and will assist with ideas for text, format, layout, colours etc. and you will get the final say on when it's finished.

Here are some of our sites:
 This is a new site built specifically around the importation and New Zealand Distribution of the new Vtriker and VTriX Tri-Scooters. Colours have been chosen to work in with the product colour options and the site makes excellent use of video embedment with Youtube. The video and photo pages will be continually added to as new material comes to hand and the site includes input from customers and International Tri-scooter users.

  This is a light, spacious, uncluttered site with a good level of information and photography. No pop ups or annoying flashing banners, just a good informative point of contact for Testdrill NZ Limited.
Just google "test drilling nz" and see how we feature in the search results. We will optimise your site to achieve similar results in most relevant searches.

 Gibbs Wood and Coal is a good example of a site that is light, bright and very relevant.
It includes a price list which can be updated on a regular basis and an excellent contact reference making the business very easy to find. Google "coal Invercargill" and you'll see it will come up as an optimised listing with a direct reference to the google map location. In our opinion "Gibbs Wood and Coal" is too long for a domain name so we collectively brainstormed to come up with the short and relevant site address of

What does a site like this cost?
We can build a 5 page site like these for you for just $499.00 + GST

Are there any additional costs I should know about?
Annually: There is an annual domain name registration of $39.50 (So that you own the website address).
Monthly: There is an ongoing Monthly hosting fee of just $19.00 per month (Billed quarterly) - this basically rents the space on the server where your site is being hosted (Think of it as your 'parking space' on the internet).
 We'll make any minor adjustments to text, price lists etc. at no additional charge and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time with one month notice.

Is there anything I can't have in my site?
An E-store is the only exclusion from this package, while we can add one economically, these are often very time consuming to set up effectively so we are unable to include it in the basic build.

That's it! Unless you need some major changes, additional pages due to expansion or similar further down the track, there are no additional charges.

Call Linton Palmer now to discuss your needs on (09) 441 9290, or email us here we look forward to hearing from you.