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How to wear a flexible industrial lumbar support . . . correctly!


The support should be worn over the first layer of clothing--such as a shirt or t-shirt--but not over a vest or jacket. It should fit the curve of the lower back without bulk between the support and the back.

Separate the wide elastic cinch straps from the primary belt, which is the wide inside belt.

Put the support on like a vest. Make sure the rubber stitched vinyl strips that cover the stays are on the inside. These help hold the support in the correct place.

This "correct place" is LOW on the hips, where low back pain occurs. The support should be worn between the navel and tailbone, over the lumbar vertebrae.

Adjust the shoulder straps so the support hangs loosely at the level where it will be worn. If the adjustment is too short, it will cause the support to slide up on the body. The purpose of the straps is to keep the support handy when worn loosely. The shoulder straps should not be so loose that they hang away from the body and possibly be tangled in equipment.

Pull both sides of the primary belt around the body and pull the right side past the center. Bring the left side over it in a snug fit. Fasten the Velcro®.

To prepare for a lift, pull the elastic cinch straps to the front and fasten them in a comfortable position in front.

For a heavy lift, use the TRIPLE LOCK:

Undo the cinch straps and pull the left strap past the middle, then overlap the right one for a much tighter fit. Only wear in this "triple lock" position when actually doing lifting.