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The New Kanon Bowling Machine is incredibly versatile and excels in fielding drills like no other! 
The Kanon's versatility has proven valuable to many Schools and Sports Centres as well as many private owners. 

This machine uses Slazballs along with standard Tennis Balls and Kanon's own Dimple Hard Ball. 
The Fireball is softer, bat and wooden floor friendly and is Ideal for building confidence due to reduced sting ! 
All ball types are bat friendly. 

Even an unfit coach can run energetic training sessions with a Kanon. 

Spin balls, fast balls, full length, short balls - you name it - the Kanon ball machine delivers accurately, repeatedly and on demand. Kanon cricket bowling machines are perfect for mastering batting techniques and major fielding skills whether you practice on a field, in the nets or at home. 

Features include: 
- Pre-load up to 90 balls in one go without expensive attachments!!! 
- Variable Frequency, Balls delivered at intervals of 2.5, 5,7.5 or 15 seconds. 
- Has a Cordless Remote Control to start and stop the ball feed. 
- Bowling Simulator, provides the height required to simulate bowling deliveries. 
- Automatic Variable Oscillator 
- Spin simulation 
- Mobile and easy to use. 

The adjustable barrel allows full length deliveries, skim and high fielding shots. 
The machine will direct balls at random or at a pre-selected spot while maintaining constant power and length. 
With a simple setting, an adaptor adds swing to the left or right. 

Watch a demo at: 

These machines are steel bodied and are very solidly constructed for years of use. 

Versatile! The Kanon doubles as a tennis ball machine which is why it is so popular with Schools.

Warranty: 12 month commercial use, 24 month private use. 

You can depend on a Kanon