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Our newest innovation in shock/impact protection is Gelpact, which dramatically reduces impact forces reaching the hands. Independent lab testing by Ingemansson Technology AB -- Europe's leading consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration - verifies the superior performance of this versatile material.
View the new GpactII demonstration video here.

The charts below show results of testing three materials for effectiveness in shock/impact protection. Chart 1 reveals the superior force-reducing capabilities of Gelpact when 'excited' by a sharp blow, such as in hammer use. With only 45% of the impact force reaching the hands, the worker can feel the effect of using a Gelpact-equipped glove liner. The difference that workers do not feel is demonstrated in Chart 2, where Gelpact dramatically reduces the transmissibility of forces at higher frequencies. These frequencies are experienced after each impact as the tool and its handle resonate and will actually cause more harm to the hand/arm system than the initial impact itself. What this means to workers using impact-type tools on a daily basis is superior protection from injury in a variety of applications.

In contact-stress applications, Gelpact offers a new level of comfort for personnel facing extended periods of surface contact, such as keyboard users, warehouse workers and glass or lumber handlers.